Virtual Reality Glasses Wholesale

Users of smart phones have now progressed to the next level of entertainment – the lighter virtual reality glasses wholesale or VR glasses that are similar in their function to the erstwhile 3D goggles. These virtual glasses now come with great interactivity scope since they include video, head tracking and audio. We are 3D video glasses, vr headset wholesale dealers, importers, suppliers based in Mumbai India.

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Till now, the entertainment within the smart phones has been restricted to the standard 2D experience, albeit with much better visual and audio clarity than ever before. Users are enjoying HD movies on their big smart phone screens and cannot get enough of it. However, the advent of virtual reality glasses will change all this very quickly, it appears.

The images you can see through them convey depth and when a user has the head tracking system incorporated in the glasses, he is able to experience 3D visual depth, taking him closest to virtual reality. The tracking system maps the movement of the wearer in order to adjust the way in which the images appear. So with each movement of the head or walking in a direction, the user sees a different action.That happens because the system is linked to the computer which presents to the wearer a very realistic perception depth. The wearer actually sees two images that are separate but which the brain merges into one. This combined with enhanced audio and video delivers the virtual reality experience to the user. It is the accuracy of tracking which determines the continuity of illusion, failing which it can break down.

The purpose behind these virtual reality glasses wholesale is to present a world that is realistic and closest to the actual world. Any latency dilutes the experience and that is why high quality virtual reality glasses are being preferred by users to enjoy an experience that is truly path breaking.

We can provide you with the latest virtual reality glasses wholesale, being the distributors of these devices in Mumbai.