Mobile Charging Cable

Every mobile phone needs to be charged after certain duration of time. This duration depends on the battery of the cell phone and the usage of the phone. Selecting the correct type of charger is extremely important. Mobile phones can be charged by various types of cables.

The basic types of charging cables that are used for mobile phones can be classified as USB data cables, wall chargers, desk chargers and travel chargers. These charging cables come in different sizes and with different specifications depending on the manufacturing company and the cell phone models of that company. Some phone chargers, especially the car chargers and desk chargers can charge more than one mobile at a time. Other than mobile brands, there are third party manufacturers that sell different types of mobile chargers in the market. We are Suppliers, dealers, wholesaler of mobile phone charging cables in India and supply to Pune, Navi Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Jaipur, Lucknow, Indore, Bhopal, Ludhiana, Patna, Vadodra, Thane,Rajkot, Jabalpur , Mysore, Navi Mumbai, Jalandhar, Gorakhpur, Rajpur, Bhiwandi, Kochi and other cities

Brands like Apple offer exclusive charger sets that consist of adapter, pin, lightning to USB, data sync cable for various iPhone models and so on. It is thus beneficial to buy these sets if you are an iPhone user.

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Auxiliary Cable

Auxiliary cables are those cables that enable you to connect your mobile phone to devices that have an auxiliary input. The best example can be when you connect your mobile phone to the car radio to listen to music or audio files. In this case you need to connect the phone with an auxiliary cable to the plug-in of the car radio. However, to use this cable, your mobile phone needs to have an auxiliary input and so does the other device.

Auxiliary cables are usually 3.5 mm extension cables. They occur in a retractable enclosure and can be stretched up to a desired length of around more than 30 inches. So you can use the cable of desired length and avoid the tangling of wires and the mess that occurs.

Auxiliary ports are of great convenience in automobiles to listen to music while you are traveling. However, they can be used with devices at home and office too. All you need to verify is whether your mobile phone has the input jack with the label AUX.




Wholesale mp3 aux cable

aux to usb cable for cars etc



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Connector Cables

The smartphones and high-end mobile phones are no longer intended only for calling functions. They possess several features that can facilitate to use them to view pictures, listen to music, watch videos and transfer all this data to the computer and other devices.

In order to manage and transfer all this data, connectors are required. The high-end mobiles have their own range of connectors based on the te4chnologies that they support. For example, Blackberry supports USB cables for one way connection,

Bluetooth and NFC for wireless connections and Mobile Hotspot and Internet Tethering for other types of wired connections. Similarly Apple, Samsung and other smartphones have their own type of adapters and connectors. In other type of connectors, we have audio connectors like RCA and video connectors like RCA, BNC, mini-VGA and many others. The latest types of connectors like HDMI and Mini DisplayPort are also available in different varieties. Selecting the appropriate type of connector can work wonders for your device.

For the low-end phones, you can select suitable connectors that can be connected to the phone and the respective device. We are wholesale suppliers for a whole range of connectors of various companies and brands and offer them at reasonable and wholesale prices.