Memory Card Speakers

These are portable memory card speakers that can be used with mobile phones, iPhones and iPads. Various types of speakers are compatible with different cell phones. Memory card speakers of different brands possess different specifications.

The portable memory card speakers commonly support FM radio with automatic search function. They have memory power function and support USB drive and have a dual power supply. These speakers support MP3 and in some cases TF and MP4 format music. They can be used by external chargeable battery and can play on stored memory when the power is off. We are Memory Card Speakers importers in Mumbai. India

These speakers mostly have a LED display screen. The performance parameters differ in various models. They can be used for mobiles, computers and other devices too. Being portable, they are convenient and easy to carry. The battery capacity and charging time also varies in different models and most of them usually have a Li battery. The high-end models also support iPhone, iPad docking.


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We are dealers and suppliers in various types of memory cards and speakers and we also deal in the memory card speakers of various types. You can contact us for the wholesale prices for the speakers. We supply various types of models of these speakers. You can verify the compatibility of your cell phone with a specific type of memory card speaker and place order with us. We are wholesale dealers for these speakers in Mumbai and many other cities in India.