USB Data Cables

Universal Service Bus (USB) is one of the ways in which the peripherals can connect to the computer. A USB cable is used to transfer data from your mobile phone to the PC. USB cables are of different types and some of them are specific to the model of the mobile phone.

This data cable acts as a medium of transfer of data so that you can view the contents of the mobile phone on the computer. This includes text, images, audio and video files. USB cables can be multipurpose and can be used to connect various devices to each other. In this way you can connect your camera, tablet, iPod, iPhone and other devices to the computer.


Certain USB cables are compatible with a particular model of a cell phone. For example, the cables designed by Apple are compatible with various models of iPhones only. Therefore when you buy a USB cable, you need to verify the compatibility. If you intend to use it for multiple devices, you can buy it accordingly.

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Data Cables

Data cables are used for interchange of information like pictures, audio and video files, and contacts between a personal computer and a cell phone. However, for this you need a cell phone that supports the transfer of such data and a software on your PC that facilitates this transfer. There are some softwares that you can get from the service providers of your cell phone while some are free wares. Nowadays the data cables are not merely restricted to the transfer of data from mobile to computer.

With the evolution in cell phone technology, the types of data cables have also evolved. In brands like Blackberry, there are data cables that enable data transfer as well as charging of the phone. Similarly, for iPhones and Android phones there is a whole range of data cables intended for different functions. Adapter cables like HDMI, VGA and MHL are used to transfer or share audio visual information with devices like televisions and music systems. In case of iPhone which has numerous functionalities, the types of data cables are numerous. Apple and other third party vendors provide a range of cables for different versions of iPhones. For example, 3.5 mm stereo phono plug cable enables the transfer of the audio output from iPhone to sound systems. Similarly, to facilitate data transfer through cables, Apple provides a range of various adapters like USB, VGA, Power, AV and several other types. The same applies for other brands of smartphones. We are leading dealers for wholesale data cables, mobile phone data cables, usb data cable, cell phone data cable, etc

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