Mobile LCD Display

The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is getting immensely popular in mobile phones. The LCD technology comprises of solid crystals that exhibit a liquid like behavior and are enclosed in two transparent panels such that they can form an image by permitting only certain amount and wavelengths of light.

The TFT type of LCD acts in improving image quality and is common in low end cell phones while the IPS LCD is common in high-end phones like smartphones and iPhones as they work on better display and power consumption. With smartphones getting popular, the LCD technology has established itself in the market.  Due to the excellent quality of images, video and audio and due to the cost effective power consumption, the high-end phones appear smarter and effective. However, the display cards required for LCD phones are costly as compared to those of the simple mobiles. LCD displays have their own set of accessories. LCD protector guard films and LCD assemblies are some of them to name. LED and plasma displays are gaining control in the market but LCD still remains popular as it is cost effective as compared to these two.

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