Mobile Handsfree

The handsfree sets that can be used with the mobile phones are of two types. There are wired earphones that can be connected to the mobile and there are Bluetooth connections that help you keep your hands free as you drive or work while you attend the calls.

Bluetooth sets are of three types. The single ear traditional Bluetooth devices are popular in the business class. The stereo headsets or earphones can be used to take calls as well as listen to music.

The speakerphones do not have any ear gear and you can directly speak into the phone keeping your hands free for other work.

You need to consider the sound quality and ability to eliminate noise in a handsfree device. Other than this, depending on your comfort, purpose and budget, you can go in for simple devices or the stereo ones. Various brands offer attractive prices, add-on features and complimentary features along with the devices. You can research and compare the options.

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