HDMI Connector Cable

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is an interface that enables you to transfer audio and video files from a HDMI compatible device to other compatible device like television or camera. If your mobile phone is HDMI compliant, then you can use HDMI connector cables. HDMI has made the transfer and viewing of audio and video files very easy and convenient with a lot of devices being compliant to HDMI.

The HDMI cable length is decided by the manufacturing quality and design of the cable. There are various types of HDI cables like Standard, Standard with Ethernet, Standard with Automotive, HDMI High Speed and HDMI High Speed with Ethernet. Similarly, though HDMI specifications define 3 connector types, the standard A and C types are usually used.

Tablets and latest television sets are usually compatible with HDMI technology, so are iPhones and smartphones. Android phones usually have a micro HDMI port and you can directly connect the phone to TV or other device using the HDMI connector cable. You can enable the HDMI settings on your android phone in order to be able to make it compliant.

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HDMI Cables

The High Definition Multimedia Interface connection gives a crystal clear digital audio and video by just using a simple cable connection. You can view the media files and videos that are on your mobile phone by connecting your mobile to your television set using an HDML cable with or without an HDML adapter.


There are different types of HDMI cables and HDMI connectors intended for different devices. The micro HDMI cables are used for cell phones, small video cameras and other mini portable devices. Micro HDMI cables are around 2.90 mm wide. They might appear to be similar to micro-B USB cables but differ in width.


HDMI cables have several advantages as compared to cables of other types. The HDMI cables contain a series of twisted pairs that are supposed to function more efficiently by eliminating the interference that occurs while transmitting the signals. The cables also contain components of audio and video signals. The compact size also facilitates the use of these cables as compared to others.


To connect your smartphone to the TV, you need to have a built-in micro-HDMI port. This way you can directly connect the device to the TV by plugging in the cable. If your phone does not have a built-in port, you need to use an HDMI adapter. When you buy an HTML cable or adapter for your smartphone, you need to verify the size and compatibility of the cable with the smartphone.

phones. If your smartphone supports the Mobile High Definition Link (MHL), you can use a micro-USB MHL to HDMI adapter. We are wholesale HDMI cable suppliers in India.

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