Travel Charger

Travel chargers are portable chargers that can be used to charge mobile phones and other devices on the go. Some travel chargers can be plugged into wall outlets, some work on solar energy while some can be used in the car. Travel chargers are manufactured by brands as well as there are OEM chargers.

You can get travel chargers with multiple charging ports so that you do not require individual charger for each device.

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cell phone chargers

A mobile charger is an accessory that is as important as your mobile phone. It keeps your mobile phone from going dead. The mobile charger becomes one of the accessories that you have to carry along with you when you travel. As a result, most of the users prefer to have an extra charger other than the one that is received with the new mobile. Call us for bulk discounts for Backup Charger USB Portable. We are sellers, dealers and samsung mobile charger wholesale distributors in India. We offer wholesale prices for HTC, Blackberry, Samsung, Motorola & iPhone cell phone chargers.

Your mobile phone requires a specific type of charger as per its design. However, some chargers can be used for various brands. For example, you can use the micro-USB charger for specific models of Nokia, Blackberry and Samsung as well. Chargers vary in price depending on the brand and the model for which they are required. When you charge your phone, you need to avoid charging it for longer durations. This can damage the battery over a period of time. Similarly, if you observe that the phone loses its charge in spite of charging it frequently, then you may check the charger or replace the battery. We are supplying wholesale cellphone chargers in India through our dealers in Mysore, Navi Mumbai,Ulhasnagar, Siliguri, Saharanpur, Gaya, Nellore, Kota Salem, Rajpur, Amravati, Mira-Bhayandar, Kolhapur, Jammu, Jalgaon, Davanagere, Kollam, Nanded, Mangalore,Udaipur, Maheshtala, Jhansi, etc. We are foremost mobile phone accessories supplier in India.

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Car Chargers

If you are a person who travels often or needs to be out for a long duration, then a car charger for your mobile phone becomes a necessity.  Car chargers occur in different varieties and are very convenient to use.

There are chargers specialized for iPhones which are handy and have features that can protect the iPhone from being heavily charged. The Micro-USB LCD charger has unique LCD display that informs the amount of charging. You can use universal charger with multiple adapters to charge multiple devices in your car. The retractable chargers help you get free from wires and can be handled with ease.

Depending on your budget and the model of your cell phone, you can decide the type of charger that can be used. If you often use multiple devices like cameras, iPhone, tablets and smartphones, it is recommended that you use a charger that is compatible with as many devices as possible. In that case a charger with multiple adapters is advisable. Car chargers that operate on solar energy are also recommended as they are eco friendly and save the consumption of power and energy.

We provide car chargers of various brands. You can contact us for wholesale prices of chargers in Mumbai and various cities in India. We deal in chargers of various brands.

Universal Chargers

Universal charger is a device that can be used to charge your mobile phone at home or even outside. You can connect the charger to the power plug at home or even to your dashboard in your car. As they are extremely simple and handy, universal chargers are beneficial. You can use the charger for mobile and other devices like cameras, tablets and iPhones.

Some varieties of universal chargers utilize solar energy or battery power and can be charged in advance to be used as power backups. When selecting a universal charger for your cell phone, you first need to verify if your cell phone is compatible with the charger and if the charger accommodates the micro-USB plug standard.

Universal chargers come in with multiple adapters and can be used for charging more than one instrument at a time. If you have multiple devices and often need to charge them when you are on the move, you can test the compatibility of the adapters. Call us for wholesale Tablet Cables, Chargers & Adapters in Mumbai, India.

The price of the universal charger depends on the brand, number of adapters and compatibility. Solar universal chargers are a little expensive but they are more eco friendly. We are wholesalers of universal chargers of various types. You can call us for wholesale prices of universal charges in different cities in India.

Solar Charger for Mobile

A solar charger for your mobile is a great alternative for the conventional electrical charger that consumes a lot of power and can also cause inconvenience in charging your cell phone when you are traveling. Solar chargers are portable chargers that run on solar energy.

Solar chargers are of various types and have different range of outputs that they provide to your cell phone battery. Once the solar charger has been charged, you can carry it along just like a power bank and charge the mobile even when you are on the run. The most important factor to be considered when buying a solar phone is the compatibility. The charger needs to be compatible with your cell phone and needs to be portable. Some brands also provide adapters and connectors with the solar charger. You can thus use the charger for multiple devices.

You need to ensure the charging method for your solar charger. It should work with the average intensity of sunlight. If there is an external battery, you can always keep the charger charged and use it when required. We are wholesale dealers of various brands of solar chargers for cell phones. We provide these chargers at reasonable prices in Mumbai and various cities in India.