Card Readers

Mobile card readers are of two types. The credit card readers that can enable you to use your smartphone as a credit card swiper. Though these card readers of various brands operate in slightly different ways, the basic principle is similar to the swipers that are available at the sale terminals.

The other type of card readers are the SIM card readers. You can use a SIM card reader to access information on a SIM card and you can also transfer the information to the computer by using a data cable. SIM card readers can be installed in your computers or you can opt for portable readers that can be carried along. These card readers help you to save phone books and messages on to your computer. You can also transfer videos and images from your smartphone to your computer. This can help you to manage the storage space on your mobile and also have a backup of your data in case your mobile is lost or SIM card is damaged. We are dealers and suppliers of wholesale card readers in Mumbai.

If you are a business person or need to travel across geographies or need to carry multiple SIM cards with loads of information, then managing the data with a SIM card reader is advisable. You can also transfer data from one SIM card to another. This is useful especially when you need to travel across different nations and hence need different SIM cards. You can contact us for memory cards or card readers. We are memory card reader distributors in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Raipur, Delhi and India. We supply memory cards and card reader suppliers and wholesalers in Mumbai.

To access the information from your mobile phone using a card reader, you need to install a software on the computer. The softwares may be available with the reader or you can install free software. You can also use card readers to access information from other SIM cards.