Scratch Guards and Screen Protectors

Screen protectors and scratch guards are thin protective coverings that cover the display screen of your mobile and protect your mobile phone from dust, pollution and external damage. Screen protectors are of various types and you can select one depending on the purpose and choice.

There are simple transparent screen protectors which are the basic ones. There are screen protectors that can block the screen view at certain angles so that the screen is visible only to the user. Screen protectors are also made up of various materials and occur in different colors.

A scratch guard or a screen protector must be attached to the screen with extreme care. You should avoid air bubbles and folds. This can disturb the screen and also let in dust and other minor particles. If it gets placed unevenly, lift the screen protector gently with a tape and carefully replace it again. Similarly every screen protector can be used for a definite duration. If the display gets unclear or the adhesive of the scratch guard gets affected, it is advisable to replace the screen protector.

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Screen Protector and Screen Guard

Screen protector or screen guard in an ultra thin transparent protective layer that covers the display of your cell phone and protects it from external damage. The screen protectors could be the ones that simply protect the screen from dust particles and scratches or they may be anti glares and those preventing the UV radiations. Since cell phones, especially smart phones cost a great deal, it is important to handle them carefully and protect them from damage. Thus use of a screen protector becomes inevitable. We are dealers for wholesale screen protectors and screen guards in Mumbai.

You can select the appropriate screen guard to serve your purpose. Specialized screen guards can make the screen visible only to the user thus preventing the observers from intruding into the privacy. A tilt of the phone blocks the view of the screen to observers other than the user. Anti-reflective and anti-glare screen protectors eliminate reflection and glare effects respectively. They also provide filters for UV rays and ensure safety. The ultra clear screen guards are ultra thin and prevent the friction of palms and fingers on the screen keeping it smooth and comfortable to use.

There are screen protectors that resist finger marks and other smudges that result due to contact with human skin. The screen thus remains ultra clear. You can opt for reflective screen guards that convert your mobile screen into a mirror when the display is turned off. If you are concerned about hygiene, you can buy the anti bacterial screen protector. We are wholesalers and offer screen protector at wholesale prices in Mumbai. You can get the best deal for the screen protectors from us.

Based on the brand of your mobile phone and your requirement, you can select the appropriate screen protector. It is recommended to buy a screen protector along with the mobile to keep the screen ultra clean.