Mobile Flip Covers

When you buy a mobile phone, a good and decent cover is an equal necessity. Especially if your mobile is costly, you need to take extra care to protect it from external damage. The cover of your mobile should be durable and convenient to use. Users have different choices and accordingly there are various types of mobile covers available in the market.

Fancy plastic covers are popular among ladies while the professionals prefer leather and silicone cases. There are belt holsters and there are cloth covers with pretty designs too. Flip cover is another type of cover that has been in trend for quite some time and is preferred by many. Flip covers have their own advantages and disadvantages.

These covers have a hard material for support at the back and are composed of leather. The mobile is usually inserted vertically in the case. A flip leather cover covers up the mobile and is held firmly by a magnet. You can easily flip this leather cover when you need to use the phone and then flip it back to cover the phone. Other than leather, there are cases like Body glove snap that use plastics with other materials that provide more durability.

The flip covers are convenient to answer calls and operate the phone just by a flip. They can be fastened to belts with a holster. However, they might seem bulky and many a times cannot be carried in pockets. In some cases, the magnet may stop working and the cover becomes inconvenient to use. However, due to the weight, ladies prefer this type of cover as it is easily traceable in the handbag. We provide wholesale mobile flip covers in Mumbai, Pune, Nanded, Raipur, Bangalore, Delhi and India. We are mobile flip covers suppliers and distributors in Mumbai Pune, Raipur and other major cities.