Memory Card Wholesale

Memory cards are used for various purposes like storage, transfer and management of data.

There are various types of memory cards like SD cards, Multimedia cards, SmartMedia and many more with each having their own specifications. Memory cards occur in various brands and varieties. They can be used with a variety of devices based on the compatibility. Bulk Loose and branded variety is our forte.

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Mobile Handsfree


Handsfree devices help you to connect to your mobile phone calls while keeping your hands free for driving or other jobs. Handsfree device for mobiles could be headsets or earphones or they could be keyboards for high-end smartphones.

The handsfree headsets can be wired ones where you connect them to your cell phone or they could be wireless and can be connected using the Bluetooth connectivity.

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There are several varieties of simple and high-end headsets and earphones. Some help you get the best audio quality while some help to filter the noise pollution.


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Power Adapters

Wholesale Supplier of power adapters in India

Power adapters enable you to connect your device to different power sources. There are power adapters meant exclusively for mobiles or tablets while some varieties of adapters have built-in USB ports and can be used across various devices.

When you buy a power adapter, you need to verify the specifications like unit dimensions, USB output and the compatibility with your device. Power adapters are manufactured by brands for specific models of devices while there are OEM adapters that are compatible with your device.
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HDMI Adapters

HDMI adapters are devices that help you to transfer data from a device that is not compliant to HDMI to a device that is complaint to HDMI. Thus they help the interaction of the two devices that are otherwise not compliant. For example, you can transfer the files from your MHL enabled mobile phone to your television set which is complaint with HDMI.

Based on the various types of signals, there are different types of HDMI adapters. Thus we have VGA, DVI, Component, Multisource and simple USB to HDMI as well. Each type of HDMI adapter supports a definite resolution and has its own specifications. For using the specific HDMI adapter, you need HDMI cables with respective specifications.

The interoperability of the signals with respect to HDMI is also an issue that needs to be addressed. For example, DVI specification does not support audio transport and hence when transfer occurs between these sources, the compatibility becomes an issue. Hence, before implementing the transfer, you need to verify the details of compatibility between signals and devices as well.

We provide various types of HDMI adapters. You can access information related to the required type of adapter and contact us for further details. We are wholesale dealers in HDMI connectors, adapters and cables and offer them at wholesale prices.