Mobile Cases, Covers and Pouches

A mobile phone is usually covered and carried in a case or pouch. This protects the mobile from any external damage and also from dust particles. Mobile cases and covers are available in various designs and shapes. You can select the mobile case or pouch that suits best for your mobile and which is convenient to use.

Commonly, mobile cases are available as sleeves, skins, flip cases, pouches, and also as wallet cases.

These are made of different materials like pure leather, wool, plastic, silicon, synthetic leather, synthetic rubber like neoprene and many more materials. We also offer a vast range of Bags for promotions. The price differs based on the design, material and brand. You can get genuine leather cases and pouches that are designed for your cell phone model.

The choice of the type of mobile case depends on your convenience and fascination. Flip cases and pouches look trendy and can be fixed to the belts by holsters. Silicon, plastic and rubbers are available in pretty and fancy designs that attract teenagers and female customers. Sleeves and skins are ultra thin and hence very convenient to carry. When you select a case, you need to ensure that the size and shape of the case is perfect for the security of your mobile.

We are dealers for various types of mobile cases and pouches. You can contact us to purchase mobile cases at wholesale prices in Mumbai and various cities in India