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The credit card pen drive is one of the most convenient designs that pen drives have. These pen drives resemble a visiting or a business card and therefore fit in exactly in your wallet or purse. You can carry the pen drive easily on the go. Card pen drives offer the greatest advantage of branding and promotion. Since they have a wide area similar to that of a visiting card, this space can be easily used for business promotion. You can print any form of artwork, even the digital print on this area. As the wide area promotes your creativity for designs or corporate information, it also creates a positive impact on the viewers.  We are suppliers and dealers of visiting card pen drives, credit card pen drives China at wholesale prices in Mumbai, Pune and India. You can utilize this area to print your logo, brand name, contact details, tagline and so on. As a result, these pen drives are ideal as as a medium of promotion. The capacity of the pen drive ranges from 2 GB to 16 GB and the performance varies as well. You can have simple low end pen drives as well as the high end ones in these designs.

These credit card shape designer pen drive also help a great deal in marketing campaigns in India. These can be easily sent through envelopes that are designed for carrying cards and also avoid the problems of weight. Thus you can send them for marketing purposes in bulk. Swivel card pen drives are an innovation in the card pen drives. They usually look like a business card but can be unfolded to get a pop-up pen drive that is folded inside. The USB drives have great functionalities just like any other pen drive. Thus you can have your business information printed on the inner card surface while the graphics can come on the outer portion of the card. We are dealers and visiting card pen drives in Mumbai.


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Pen pendrives are very popular and look elegant as well


Customized Card Pen Drive : A card pen drive is the one that is convenient to carry and use. Moreover, if it can be customized as per your advantage, there is nothing like it. Card pen drives occur as the usual pen drives or as swivel pen drives. In the usual designs, you have the business card layout where you can print your business information. They are also comfortable to use as they can be carried in your wallet. We are dealers and importers of Card pen drives China, in Mumbai.

In a customized card pen drive, you can decide both, the make and design of the card as well as the type of USB drive that needs to go with the card. The cards in these pen drives are usually made up of metal, plastic, PVC and even wood on some cases. You can make your own choice when you are getting the card designed. In case of printing, you have a choice of 2 and 4 color digital printing on the card surface. In case of swivel cards, you have double area available. You can place order for printing the content and design of your choice. This could be business related information like brand name, company logo, information, or any related information. Such cards are ideal as promotional or corporate gifts. You could also opt for them as personal gifts and select the design and content that your dear ones will love. We deal in trading of credit card pen drives in Mumbai and provide customized pen drives. Last but not the least; you can select the pen drive of your choice. These wholesale credit card shape pen drives are available in bulk prices 8 and 16gb. You can select the one as per your requirement. You can contact us for customized card pen drives at wholesale prices.


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Designer Pen Drives open a whole new world of excitement and innovation for the users.  These are stylish and yet can be used for professional purposes. Based on your choice, purpose and imagination, you can have ready to use or customized designer pen drives in the market. As more and more brands come into the market with new designs every day, there is an extensive range to choose from. We are dealers and importers of designer pen drives in Mumbai.

You can have pen drives that come in shapes of guitars, cylinders, lipsticks and so on. If you are a lover of animation characters, you have a wide choice to select from the available variety. There are pen drives in shapes of sports cars, wrist bands,  and even in diaries. Those that occur in a diary have a dual advantage as it offers a diary and a pen drive folded within it.You can have most of these designs customized and made to order. The pen drives are of varied capacity and include those that are the usual basic ones and even the high performance drives. You can opt for a particular design and suggest a pen drive of your choice too. When buying a ready designer drive in the market, you need to verify that for the design you should not compromise on the performance of the pen drive. The quality of the drive is equally important and so is the performance.Designer pen drives can be a good choice as a personal, corporate needs. You can gift the fancy shaped ones to teenagers or friends or dear ones. Those with a professional touch like diary, credit card, pen shaped, paper clip shaped or similar ones to professional colleagues. Those working as artists can select ones as per their domain.


Innovative Pen Drives are the designer ones that have been created with a touch of innovation. For example, a designer pen drive that comes in the shape of a sports car can be made convertible into the shape of a cheetah. Similarly, there are drives that come in shape of a DSLR camera or a wine bottle. Pen drives in shape of ornaments have also become very popular, so you can have a USB drive that is attached to the ring or comes as a pendant with a chain.

Innovation in pen drives has not left the animation world untouched. You have pen drives that come in shape with a lot of famous characters, fast food brands, and also in fascinating shapes and bright colors of fruits, veggies and much more. All these varieties suggest that there are pen drive users across various age groups irrespective of gender and sex. The fascination of each category is different and thus everyone has a range of pen drives to select from. It is however important to remember that it is not just the external appearance of the drive that matters but also the performance of the drive. You need to check the capacity and purpose of use of the pen drive before you select one. In case of well-known brands, you get a decent warranty period as well. We deal in wholesale innovative pen drives in Mumbai.

Today’s markets provide the facility of readily available pen drives as well as the option to customize them. Thus you can have the liberty of getting the material, design and color of your choice. You can also get reasonable rates when you purchase them from authentic dealers and also when you order in bulk. This helps when you are planning to gift pen drives to groups of colleagues or friends or giving them as for particular events.